DNA Testing

Whether you need reliable DNA testing results for personal or legal reasons, the staff here at Test Smartly Labs has the knowledge, experience, and tests to deliver accurate and reliable answers.

We understand these types of results often end up in the courtroom, and that’s why we ensure a fully-documented chain-of-custody with each sample we take. If you’re questioning paternity, going through a divorce, or preparing employees to travel abroad, we can provide you the information you need.

Benefits of DNA Profiles for Employees

A DNA profile can make identifying an employee in a crisis easier and more concrete.

Pharmacogenetics DNA Testing

Your genes play a big part in how effective certain medications will prove to be. Learn what works best and skip the process of elimination.

Legal DNA Testing

All of our DNA tests follow proper chain-of-custody procedures. This ensures results are legally-admissible should the need arise to present them as evidence in court. Just some of the scenarios in which an accurate DNA test result can help include:

  • ·  Child support custody
  • ·  Confirmation of infidelity
  • ·  Matters of inheritance and estate
  • ·  Birth certificates
  •  Criminal Investigations

Test Smartly Labs uses only the highest-quality labs that are AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) certified to ensure the collections, analysis and results are accurate and reliable.

Our staff is trained and certified in DNA collection which separates us from most of our competition. We understand the sensitivity of these matters, and you can rest assured we keep everything private and confidential. We can schedule separate collections at our many lab locations to avoid conflicts that often arise in DNA / Paternity collection.

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