Forensic DNA Evidence Testing

Since its discovery in the mid-1980’s, DNA has provided answers to some of the most important questions. It was a game-changer in the courtroom, and it’s since become one of the most foolproof and widely-accepted means of proving cases such as paternity, criminal acts, and much more. Known as forensic DNA evidence testing, it’s critical that a proper, verifiable paper trail is available to ensure accuracy. This is known as chain-of-custody and is commonly required in corporate and medical research as well as family court proceedings.

Forensic DNA Evidence Testing: Common Applications

People all over the country rely on DNA evidence every day. Just some of these situations include:

  • Making accurate determinations in inheritance cases for proper asset distribution
  • Exonerating suspects who are innocent
  • Confirming or denying paternity in custody cases
  • Proving biological relationship in immigration cases

DNA Matching

Two of the most common interrogatives used in the courtroom are “who” and “where”. DNA matching answers these questions as they determine who was present at the scene of the crime.

Deceased DNA Matching

When there is inconclusive evidence regarding biological evidence in inheritance and social security cases, deceased DNA matching can provide accurate results for proper assets and funds allocation.

Semen Identification

It only takes a miniscule amount of semen to produce a reliable DNA test result.

Infidelity DNA Testing

Infidelity can lead to emotional pain, marital distress, and sexually-transmitted diseases. Infidelity DNA testing can give you the answers you seek once and for all.

Remove the Cloud of Uncertainty

Here at Test Smartly Labs, you can rely on each member of our staff being professionally-trained. Every step of way, you can count on us using best practices with your sample as we:

  • Collect
  • Transport
  • Catalog
  • Store

We understand it’s often necessary to collect results on-location, and you can count on our mobile services if this describes your need. Whether you need results you can count on in the justice system or just to satisfy your curiosity, call today to see how we can help.