DNA Matching

Dating back to 1980, there are more than 211,000 homicide cases that remain unsolved. However, when DNA was discovered in 1984, new light was shed on hundreds of cold cases across the country.

As technology continues to advance, even more cases are getting new attention that often leads to a successful conviction. Using DNA matching, Test Smartly Labs can identify biological traces to accurately establish who was present at the scene of any crime. Equally important, it can help eliminate suspects who weren’t involved.

Ease in Specimen Collection

Test Smartly Labs keeps up with the latest in DNA analysis innovation, and this allows us to gather as much information as possible. Collection of a usable specimen is easier than you may think. Just some of the objects from which we can retrieve the DNA we need include:
· Bedsheets
· Utensils
· Cups
· Hairbrushes
· Cigarette butts
· Toothbrushes

Professional Service and Chain-of-Custody You Can Count On

Here at Test Smartly Labs, we understand that cases requiring DNA matching are often sensitive in nature. When you work with our staff, we make confidentiality a top priority. Every step of the way, your specimen will be carefully tracked with a chain-of-custody that is acceptable in the courtroom.
We’ve worked with clients facing a vast variety of circumstances, and we fall back on our experience to help us achieve in the provision of quality on a consistent basis. Call today to schedule an appointment.