Immigration DNA Testing

The United States is a nation of opportunity, and there are many incentives to make it your home. However, the path to citizenship isn’t an easy one. As Homeland Security has recently called for increased security and stricter enforcement of immigration laws, courts are paying close attention-to-detail.

If your immigration is based on a blood relationship, immigration services may require lab-based proof. In these cases, you can count on the staff here at Test Smartly Labs to provide the proper chain-of-custody to meet the strict regulations in place. We only utilize labs accredited by the AABB, which is the top accreditation in DNA testing.

While Test Smartly Labs guarantees reliable tests, we can’t guarantee the issuance of your visa.

Immigration DNA Tests at Test Smartly Labs

Among the immigration DNA tests Test Smartly Labs provides are:

You can count on our staff following governmental mandates in immigration testing, and we send all specimens to a laboratory accredited by the AABB. Before you schedule your testing, make sure you have been properly informed of the relationships that qualify for the purposes of immigration to the United States. When you’re ready to schedule your testing with Test Smartly Labs, be prepared with:

  • All required documentation
  • Names and contact information of everyone involved in the test
  • Physical or email address where test results can be sent
  • Full payment

No matter where the test subjects in your case live, Test Smartly Labs will work to make the process a smooth one. Call today to see how to get started on a new lease on life for you and the ones you love.