Relationship & Paternity Testing

Are you questioning the paternity of a child? If so, the staff here at Test Smartly Labs has the knowledge and experience needed to ensure the integrity of test results. Our laboratories are AABB-certified, and we follow strict strict chain-of-custody procedures throughout the collection process. This makes the results admissible in the event they’re needed in court hearings or other legal matters.

The Help You Need in a Variety of Circumstances

Nearly a quarter of the men tested for paternity in 2010 were found not to be the biological fathers. This makes paternity DNA testing critical. Men can find themselves paying thousands of dollars in unjustified child support as well as bonding with a child who’s not theirs. This can have a negative impact on everyone involved.

Aside from this, there are other circumstances which could deem a relationship DNA test appropriate. For example, legal paternity establishment is often required to designate a legal father among unwed couples.

How Testing Works

Collection is non-invasive and typically requires a simple cheek swab.
If specimen donor isn’t available, hair, DNA from toothbrushes, and fingernails can provide enough DNA for accurate results. However, these types of test are not legally-admissible because of the missing verification of exactly whose DNA is being collected.
If a parent is unable to come in for testing, grandparents, aunts, and uncles can submit DNA.

Prenatal Relationship Testing

Technology has come a long way, and this is certainly the case when it comes to paternity DNA testing. Using a sample of the mother’s blood, our lab technicians can compare it to the alleged father’s DNA and reveal paternity before the child is ever born with accuracy higher than 99%.

The answers you seek will impact you the rest of your life. Rely on the professional team here at Test Smartly Labs. Call today to see what testing solution will work best for your needs.