Benefits of Legal DNA Testing

There are many situations in which you may need DNA testing. While this includes mere curiosity in which a screening at the local drug store will suffice, most circumstances revolve around the courtroom. If this describes your situation, there are a few benefits of legal DNA testing that’ll make you glad you did it right the first time.

Common Testing Purposes

Our staff has helped people in all kinds of situations get the answers they needed to move forward on the right path. Some of these include:

  • Establishment needed as legal evidence for child support
  • Determination of appropriate parental rights
  • Verification of biological relationships for immigration purposes
  • Development of accurate medical history for a child
  • Establishment of lifelong emotional bonds

Why Choose Test Smartly Labs? Benefits of Legal DNA Testing

Screenings are limited in their ability to provide accurate and reliable results. Samples can become contaminated and tests can fail. To establish a genetic relationship that’ll hold up in court, you need to provide the proper chain-of-custody with documented identities of donors and procedures throughout the entire process.

Many people start by saying “we don’t need court-admissible legal DNA testing. We just want to know”. That’s great if the results come in as expected. The truth is an unexpected result usually ends up in a custody or support battle, and a court-ordered Paternity test will need to be repeated. Of course, this results in another fee and higher costs. It’s much more cost effective to get a legal DNA test the first time. The cost difference is minimal, but the results are good forever. It is money well spent!

Here at Test Smartly Labs, we follow established procedures and processes, and we track your specimen every step of the way. Not only do we provide you with the results/answers you need, but we also supply you with documentation that’ll hold up in court.

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