Court-Admissible DNA Testing

When biological relationships are in question, it’s often the case that the legal system is involved. While some people seek DNA testing simply to satisfy personal doubts, inexpensive screenings you can buy at the local drug store are priced according to the quality of the results they yield. Additionally, these “Kits” generally have many hidden costs such as lab fees, limited alleles, shipping fees, and collection fees. They can easily end up costing far more than our professionally-collected DNA tests. It requires lab-based testing to make solid determinations you can count on.

Benefits of a Strong Chain-of-Custody

The process of producing reliable DNA testing results is highly involved, and there are numerous steps that must be completed by a team of professionals each with their own specialization. In this kind of environment, there’s always the possibility of human error when each specimen isn’t carefully tracked.

When you rely on Test Smartly Labs for your DNA testing needs, you can rest assured we maintain adherence to strict chain-of-custody procedures. This means we maintain a chronological paper trail that maps out:

  • Verified Identity of all donors
  • Custody
  • Control
  • Transfer
  • Analysis
  • Disposition of evidence

DNA test results can change your life forever. If you’re in the legal system and need to get concrete evidence that will hold up and help you shape the future, call to set up an appointment today.