It’s not always possible for either the mother or father to be available for specimen retrieval in the establishment of paternity or maternity. Perhaps one of the parents have died. It also occurs that they become absent from the life of their families. Whatever your case may be, the team at Test Smartly Labs is your partner to get the answers you need once and for all.

Grandparent DNA Testing Accuracy

It’s easy to believe that someone’s DNA would dilute once it made it to a grandchild, and testing does become more challenging with this decrease in direct genetic material. At Test Smartly Labs, we test up to 21 alleles or markers, and this enables us to arrive at a statistically-reliable result you can count on. We’ve helped many families put doubts to rest with confidence. Many Internet DNA tests or Retail kits test far fewer alleles that diminish the probabilities in the results.

Court-Admissible Results You Can Count On

When you count on Test Smartly Labs for your grandparentage DNA testing needs, you can rest assured we follow a strict chain-of-custody. If you have legal issues that need resolved, you can rely on our information being admissible in the courtroom. We’re with you every step of the way to ensure highest accuracy and reliability. Call to schedule an appointment today.