Maternity Testing

It’s usually pretty evident who the biological maternal parent is. However, the need does arise for proof of a blood relationship between children and their mothers. Here at Test Smartly Labs, we have the most advanced testing available to accurately test DNA and provide results that will hold up in court.

What are Maternity DNA Tests Used For?

  • Adopted children often go on to seek out their biological parents. Test Smartly Labs can help make these kinds of reunions possible.
  • For those immigrating to the United States, the USCIS requires proof of maternity for those establishing citizenship based on such a relationship.
  • Various situations can arise in which legal proof of a mother-child relationship is required. Test Smartly Labs is here to provide results that will hold up.

Quick Swab and Results in Two to Four Days

In many cases, results are needed quickly. Test Smartly Labs is ready to deliver. We have an expedited system in place that allows us to retrieve samples and get them to the lab ready for testing with efficiency. We’re prepared to provide solid results along with all associated paperwork in just two to four working days (sometimes faster).

If maternity is in question, count on Test Smartly Labs for court-accessible results. Call to schedule your appointment today.