Paternity Testing

If you are in question of your responsibility in the paternity of a child or unborn baby, it’s important to determine the truth early on. Not only is it difficult to suffer with the inevitable degree of a broken bond, but you may also end up paying child support that was never owed. The staff here at Test Smartly Labs understands the urgency, and our tests follow the proper chain-of-custody procedures to ensure admittance in any legal setting.

Who Needs Paternity Testing?

There are many reasons why a paternity test could prove to be an effective solution. Aside from the fact that it’s a highly-important piece of information that carries lifelong consequences, other reasons include:

  • Establishment of legal parenthood- this is often the case with unwed couples
  • Custody establishment
  • Child support enforcement
  • Immigration

Paternity Results You Can Count On

If your reasons involve any of the above, there’s a good chance the results will be needed in court. While a non-legal paternity test can provide decent preliminary information, a formal lab test is required for most accurate results.

The court system will require a formally-verified collection and test from an AABB-certified DNA lab. The staff at Test Smartly Labs is professionally-trained and certified to complete compliant DNA / Paternity Testing. You can count on our processes, collection procedures, legally admissible chain-of-custody, and results integrity. Additionally, we deliver results quickly, usually within a few days. You can get expedited results for an additional charge is some circumstances. Call to schedule your appointment today.