Siblingship Testing

A siblingship DNA test can prove effective in determining the biological relationship between two or more people. In many cases, a standard paternity test cannot be performed, and a siblingship test can prove to be a viable way to make an accurate determination.

Pinpointing Full and Half-Siblings Through DNA

As we develop in the womb, we do so through a perfect 50/50 contribution of DNA through both parents. When two children share the same parents, all of their genetic information stems from the same individuals. Half-siblings, on the other hand, will possess an entirely different half of genetic information. If you suspect one of your children may not be yours but are confident in another, we can help make the determination discreetly.

Testing more Alleles (markers) for Improved Accuracy

Here at Test Smartly Labs, we understand the sensitivity of your test results, and that’s why we test up to 21 alleles for more accurate results. We can also answer all your questions to ensure siblingship DNA testing is the right method in your unique situation. Call today, and a skilled professional on the other end of the line can help get you started.