Twin Testing

The statistical possibility of becoming pregnant with twins or triplets is 1 in 67. Finding that you’re one of the few can be exciting. Aside from wondering if you’ll be having boys or girls, you have unique questions on your mind. Will the twins be identical? How will you tell them apart? What if you mix them up?

These are all valid questions, and the staff here at Test Smartly Labs can help you get the answers you need. We have the latest tools in the industry to provide results you can count on.

Separated at Birth- Get the Answers You Need to Form Lasting Relationships

Even less likely than being a twin is having one from whom you’ve since been separated. Although highly unlikely, being switched at birth does happen. In Bogota, Colombia, two sets of twins grew up wondering why they didn’t resemble one another. Years later, a woman stepped up to the counter and recognized the man working behind it as a coworker only to find out it was a different person entirely. After some investigating, it turned out the sets of twins had been switched in a hospital mix-up. Twin DNA testing revealed the truth.

Here to Offer the Answers That Matter

Whatever your situation, the staff here at Test Smartly Labs is here to offer reliable, court-admissible results you can count on. We understand the revelations we provide shape the future of your life, and we adhere to a strict chain-of-custody every step of the testing process. Call today to get the answers that matter.