Comprehensive Illegal Drug Testing

If you own a business, one of your largest risks is posed by your own workforce. When you don’t have a comprehensive illegal drug testing policy in place, the word gets around, and you just never know what kind of applicants will walk through your door.

Testing for the Most Commonly-Abused Substances

It’s important to test for a broad range of commonly-abused substances. This will help you rule out risky job candidates early on in the hiring process. Our staff can help you identify drug trends in your area and arrive at a comprehensive illegal drug testing protocol that will offer the most benefits to both your business and your workforce as a whole. Not only can this help reduce accidents and liabilities, but it can also improve your bottom line.

Who Else Can Benefit From Comprehensive Drug Testing?

Comprehensive drug tests can screen for up to 700 pharmaceutical and illicit compounds. While non-negative results don’t mean that the test subject is using the substance in questions, it raises red flags and helps you identify possible problems that can be sent in for further analysis. This can make it an ideal test for anyone with suspicion of drug use in general without a clear focus on the individual substance.
Whether you’re working on establishing a comprehensive workplace policy or just want answers regarding a loved one you’re concerned about, Test Smartly Labs can offer the help you need. Call today for results you can count on.