Passive Exposure to Illegal Drugs

When people are exposed to the drug use of others, they are made susceptible to a variety of serious health problems. This is an especially concerning problem when young children are involved. If you’re concerned with the welfare of someone who may be at risk, the staff at Test Smartly Labs offers tests that provide the answers you need.

Passive Exposure Testing

Social workers and those working in the legal system have a lot to gain through passive exposure testing. While traditional drug tests aren’t made to detect this level of exposure, we can help you positively identify or rule out serious problems with appropriate chain-of-custody to hold up in court.

What Positive Results Can Mean

Positive passive exposure testing results can mean a number of things:

  • Passive exposure to residue from smoke/drugs
  • Direct contact with smoke/drugs
  • Contact with a user’s sweat or skin oils
  • Physical contact with drug-related substances such as paraphernalia
  • Accidental ingestion

Drugs We Can Identify

  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Amphetamine/Methamphetamine
  • Cannabinoids (THC/Marijuana)
  • Cocaine (Crack and Cocaine HCI)
  • And more all the time…

Safety of the Innocent

If you deal with drug abuse and other social services, the staff here at Test Smartly Labs is ready to partner with your organization to provide results you can rely on. Nobody should have to suffer from the poor choices of others. Contact us today to see how we can help.