Breath Alcohol Testing

According to a hospital emergency department study, 35 percent of occupational injuries involved at-risk drinkers. These occurrences not only put innocent employees at risk, but they also pose significant financial hazards. The staff here at Test Smartly Labs has access to the latest tools in the industry, and we’re here to make breath alcohol screening quick and easy should an occurrence arise. Our services are also available to DOT-regulated companies.

How Breath Alcohol Screening Works

The BAT screening tests administered in Test Smartly Labs are DOT-compliant with approved devices. Before the process begins, a disposable mouthpiece is placed on the device. The test subject then painlessly blows into the device as it measures their blood alcohol percentage with immediate results.

How Does Alcohol Affect the Workplace?

Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. Just as your HVAC unit circulates heat throughout your entire home in the winter, the bloodstream delivers alcohol throughout the body, and this includes the brain, causing significant loss of motor functions and reasoning skill. Especially in safety-critical positions, this can pose a plethora of dangers.

It’s often the case that employees go into work still hungover from the night before, so it’s not something that’s always actively taking place on the job. Among the many complications that can and do arise include:

  • Compromise in safety for entire staff
  • Decrease in efficiency
  • Attendance issues
  • Decrease in quality
  • Lower employee morale in general

The equipment used at Test Smartly Labs best ensures adherence to all breathalyzer guidelines, and we make it our goal to provide consistently-reliable results.

Breath Alcohol Testing for DOT

The DOT requires the adherence to two primary standards in breath alcohol testing. For starters, devices must be NHTSA-approved, and they also must be used by a breath alcohol technician. When you work with Test Smartly Labs, you’ll have access to both, so call today to learn more about how we can help.