Teen Drug and Alcohol Testing

A growing problem across the nation is drug and alcohol abuse among teens. While this type of issue is nothing new, the types of substances adults are aware of aren’t the only problem to be on the lookout for.

Since synthetic drugs entered the picture, teens have picked up on the fact that these substances are still very much under the radar. Not only are they easy to access, but there are no current regulations, and it’s difficult to pinpoint the chemicals and toxins they contain. Teens are also able to easily access prescription drugs. Synthetic drugs can be far more toxic than natural drugs and have undesirable effects on users.

Teen and Student Drug Use Statistics

Marijuana – 0.7 percent of 8th graders, 2.5 percent of 10th graders, and 6 percent of 12th graders report using marijuana on a daily basis.

Alcohol – 17.6 percent of 8th graders, 38.3 percent of 10th graders, and 55.6 percent of 12th graders reported using alcohol in the past year.

Synthetic Drugs – 2.7 percent of 8th graders, 3.3 percent of 10th graders, and 3.5 percent of 12th graders reported use of synthetic drugs in the past year.

(source: National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2017 Monitoring the Future Study)

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