Designer Drug Testing

Up until relatively recently in history, the drug scene had remained pretty predictable in terms of what’s out there. While meth and other manufactured drugs began to change the landscape, things have spiraled out of control since the introduction of designer drugs.

These substances are easy to overlook as they often come in the form of common household products. If you’ve noticed a difference in your teen’s attitude, demeanor, and routine, the team at Test Smartly Labs is here to help you rule out or confirm the possibility.

Trouble with Regulation

While the DEA is doing what they can to keep up with the synthetic drug outbreak, there’s a big problem. Once they put regulations on one recipe, all the manufacturer has to do is change up the chemical combination to retain the effects but pass regulatory requirements. As much as technology has helped us advance, when put in the wrong hands, substantial negative results are inevitable.

There is Hope with Designer Drug Testing

As a parent, you can’t throw up your hands in defeat. Now’s your time to push your teen in the right direction. If you suspect they may be engaging in designer drug use, it’s your duty to find out. Call Test Smartly Labs today to schedule an appointment.