Tobacco Drug Testing

Also known as cotinine testing, tobacco drug testing can help in a number of ways. For starters, employers see the value in job candidates who have a higher chance for good health by not smoking. Health and life insurance issuers can also use these testing methods to verify if a potential policyholder is being truthful when they claim to be a non-smoker.

How Tobacco/Nicotine Testing Works

The great news about cotinine testing is that the staff here at Test Smartly Labs can verify whether a test suspect’s usage is:

  • Current
  • Recently ceased
  • Long-term

The reason is that this type of testing measures both qualitative and quantitative data.

Tips for Individuals

Are you an individual getting ready to apply for a job where this type of testing may be required? Getting ready to sign up for a life insurance policy? If you recently quit smoking, our staff can take the proactive step and test your levels to ensure they are as low as possible. It could be worth it to wait until cotinine levels are back to those of a non-smoker.