Cancer Detection

A Louisiana State University study examined autopsies of over 1,000 corpses. They found that 44% died as a direct result of undiagnosed cancer.

A cancer detection test from Test Smartly Labs can provide early detection for some types of cancer and enable early treatment. Our results offer your doctor a look inside your body to help them match your symptoms with possible catalysts. While they aren’t typically able to diagnose most cancers, our results provide critical missing-links to help arrive at the root of the problem.

Cancer Detection through Blood and Urine Testing

When you come in for cancer detection testing, you’ll receive a thorough consultation. We offer blood, urine, and other sampling methods. When analyzed, we’re able to detect cancer cells and other indicators through your specimen.

Using your results, you and your doctor can more efficiently analyze your health landscape and determine the most effective treatment plan.

Here as Part of Your Healthcare Team

When it comes to cancer detection screening, it takes a team of professionals for an accurate diagnosis. The team at Test Smartly Labs is here to work in conjunction with your physician to best ensure you live and long and happy life. Call today to learn more about the many testing solutions we offer.