Cholesterol Testing

As cholesterol continues to receive the attention it deserves, our nation watched as cases of high cholesterol decreased more than five percent between 1999 and 2012. This is largely due to awareness and proactive testing.

Serious problems like diabetes and stroke are often direct results of high cholesterol. Using our testing services, we can help you better understand your risks and arrive at viable solutions. Test Smartly Labs makes it our goal to maintain consistency in our cholesterol testing. We keep a reliable chain-of-custody for results you can count on.

Staying Ahead of the Game with Cholesterol Testing

Our professional, lab-based cholesterol testing allows us to analyze detailed information specific to the cause of your symptoms.

There are rules involved with this testing method such as limitations on food intake during the hours prior to specimen collection. We ensure you have a full understanding of what to expect for results you can count on.

Our Cholesterol Testing Services

We provide the following cholesterol testing options, among others:

  • Apolipoprotein B
  • Cholesterol, Total
  • Cholesterol Panel: including HDL, LDL, LDL:HDL Ratio, and Total Cholesterol
  • HDL (High-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol ) (HDL-C)
  • LDL (Low-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol) (LDL-C)
  • Lipid Panel
  • Lipid Panel with Cholesterol:HDL Ratio
  • Lipoprofile NMR for LDL Particle Size (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)

Here at Test Smartly Labs, you’ll quickly learn you’re not just another client. We know the right questions to ask to help you maximize the effectiveness of your cholesterol testing. Call today to learn more about our services.