Return-To-Duty Testing

Around 16% of car crashes in the United States involve drugs and/or alcohol, and the DOT enforces strict requirements within the transportation industry to reduce these cases. If any of your employees in safety-sensitive positions fail a mandated drug test or refuse to submit to testing, they are required to be immediately removed from their safety-sensitive functions and successfully complete the Return-to-Duty SAP Process. Just some of the requirements within the process include:

  • Complete evaluation with a Substance Abuse Professional
  • Compliance with recommendations of SAP
  • Submit to and pass return-to-duty drug testing

Observed Collection Process

Because employees going through this process have previously warranted suspicion, it’s required that the collection process of their return-to-duty specimen be observed. It will be asked that:

  • A witness of the same gender as the test subject observe collection
  • Test subject expose their midsections, legs, and genitals to most effectively eliminate tampering

It’s ultimately up to the employer whether to hire someone back after going through the return-to-duty process. Call today to learn how Test Smartly Labs can ensure DOT compliance within your company with our up-to-date return-to-duty testing to help you make the best decisions for your business.