Sexual DNA & Drug Testing

It was discovered in 1984 that each person has unique DNA that can identify individuals with very little room for error. If you have recently been a victim of rape, all it takes is the smallest amount of semen to identify the suspect. Once a complete DNA profile has been created, it can be run through systems like the Combined DNA Index System to match with anyone with a criminal record who has a DNA sample on file.

Offering Reliable Answers to the Most Sensitive Questions

The choices we make come with consequences. Unfortunately, innocent people all too often get caught in the crosshairs. Here at Test Smartly Labs, we make it our goal to help you get the justice you deserve as well as help ensure perpetrators don’t victimize others in the future. With our drug testing services, we can help monitor those with drug and alcohol problems that contribute to their crimes. Our sexual DNA testing can help ensure guilty parties are properly punished.

Whether you were the victim of a sexual attack or need to build a viable defense for someone being falsely accused, call our staff today to see how sexual DNA and drug testing can help administer proper justice.