Sweat Patch Testing

A sweat patch is a convenient way to test for drugs, especially amongst those who need heightened accountability, or if you want to be sure someone didn’t use drugs within a week or two’s window of time.

A sweat patch will test for the most commonly abused drugs (those usually tested in a 5-panel):  marijuana, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines and PCP.

How does the sweat patch test work?

Oftentimes court orders or high suspicions of drug-using employees (or even sometimes parents) will require someone to be monitored for drug use 24/7. The sweat patch is a great drug testing solution for this.

The individual will stick the patch onto their skin (most often their arm) and wear it for around a week. If it comes off, we can help issue a new drug test. After the duration of testing is over, our collectors will take the sweat patch off the skin and send it in for testing and analysis – just like we do the other drug tests we offer.

All of this is done under our supervision to ensure the test is reliable.

The patch collects the dead skin and sweat that’s naturally excreted from your body – substances that will contain traces of drugs if they were used when someone was wearing the patch.

What are the advantages of a sweat patch drug test?

This isn’t a drug test for everyone, but it’s very useful in some circumstances. Like what?

  • 24/7 for 7-14 days: Someone will wear this patch all day, every day, for 7-14 days. If they use drugs within this timeframe, the patch will pick it up.
  • No cheating: The patch cannot be removed, or the test won’t be accurate and a new patch will need to be put on by us in order for it to be valid. Plus, there’s nothing you can eat, drink or do to cheat a sweat patch test.
  • Privacy and ease: no bathrooms, no needle pokes, no swabs – it makes for a non-invasive, simple test for those who need routinely and continuously monitored.

To request a sweat patch test or learn more, contact us.