Federal Aviation Administration Testing

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was established in 1958 and has since been regulating aviation to ensure safety. Although rare, there are instances of pilots being caught operating aircraft under the influence. This impairs their ability to get their passengers safely from point A to point B.

The staff here at Test Smartly Labs is here to ensure your organization remains in compliance with FAA guidelines. We understand the vast importance of maintaining a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy, and our Federal Aviation Administration testing provides the results you need to keep accidents low and quality service high.

Your Approved DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Facility

Aside from the fact that you want to keep accidents at a minimum, you also want to avoid hefty fines for non-compliance. Test Smartly Labs stays up-to-date on the latest requirements, and we work with you to ensure your testing plan meets current regulations.

Our lab technicians work with you to ensure you implement the right testing methods to make your business run more smoothly. Whether you want to send your test subjects to us or need our staff to come to you, we’re here to offer results you can count on. Call to develop a viable FAA testing program today.