Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Testing

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been working to decrease accidents and property damage stemming from the operation of large trucks and buses since 2000. Using the results of extensive studies, they make it their goal to reduce crashes and implement the latest safety technologies available to improve the transportation industry.

If your business is regulated by the FMCSA, the staff here at Test Smartly Labs is here to ensure you remain in compliance with drug and alcohol testing requirements. We understand the laws governing the industry and can help you arrive at the most effective drug testing program to meet your needs.

An Investment That Pays Back

Failure to incorporate the right FMCSA testing can result in hefty fines. Businesses also have to spend money to cover accidents that can be significantly reduced when drug and alcohol use is identified and addressed proactively.

The staff here at Test Smartly Labs is here to be your partner in the development of a drug and alcohol testing program that will meet FMCSA regulations to protect everyone on the road. Call to develop yours today.