DOT Post-Accident 24/7 Emergency Services

The Department of Transportation is tasked with maintaining safety among the many modes of transportation we’ve come to rely on. Drugs and alcohol limit drivers’ and operators’ ability to make rational decisions. When an accident occurs, it’s critical to administer quick and reliable testing to confirm or rule out substance use as the catalyst. The following scenarios warrant immediate drug and alcohol testing according to DOT regulation:

  • Injuries requiring off-site medical attention
  • As few as one vehicle sustains extensive damage that requires it to be towed from the scene
  • Accidents resulting in fatalities

Your 24/7 Solution for Post-Accident Services

It’s impossible to predict an accident. However, you know the possibility exists. When you team with Test Smartly Labs, you gain peace-of-mind in knowing we’re here to provide 24/7 post-accident services. Our technicians understand time is of essence, and we work to ensure your employee is tested as soon after the accident as possible to meet DOT requirements.

You can rest assured that we maintain a thorough chain-of-custody to satisfy your obligations to the DOT, taking a large degree of stress involved in these situations off your plate. Accidents are inevitable, and we’re here to ensure you follow the correct protocol when it comes to the administration of time-sensitive testing.

Having a solid plan in place can save piles of paperwork and hours of time in having to explain why proper testing didn’t take place. Call today to learn more about how our lab-based, DOT-approved, post-accident emergency services can keep your company in compliance.