DOT Random Drug Testing

Certain employers are required by the DOT to conduct random drug testing on a consistent basis. These include those in the following industries:

  • Aviation
  • Motor carrier
  • Railroad
  • Transit
  • Pipelines
  • Maritime

Random drug testing knows no titles. Whether you’re an owner operator or volunteer, if you perform a safety sensitive duty, your name is amongst the pool of other candidates for random drug testing.

Scientifically-Valid Random Selection Process

To ensure there is no accusation of bias, we allow you access to a computer-based random number generator that guarantee names are selected in a verifiably-random manner. You can further distance yourself and avoid cases of discrimination when you rely on a third party like Test Smartly Labs to take care of all your DOT random drug testing needs.

Chain-of-Custody You Can Count On

Proper documentation is key in consistent compliance with DOT random drug testing requirements. Our staff is skilled in the provision of accurate test results and their respective paper trails. Call today to get your DOT random drug testing plan started today.