Pre-employment Screening

The Society for Human Resource Management reports that 57 percent of employers in the United States conduct pre-employment screening to guide them in making the best hiring decisions. The reasons why are obvious, but did you realize:

  • Employees reliant on drugs and/or alcohol are 33 percent less productive.
  • Employers can expect to spend an extra $7,000 annually for every employee who engages in heavy drug and/or alcohol use.
  • Employers around the country lose an average of $160,000 every year due to drug and alcohol-related accidents and other occurrences.

An Investment That Pays Back

The staff here at Test Smartly Labs understands current drug trends, and we can help you better understand your industry to decide on the right pre-employment drug screening method for you. The minimal amount you spend on testing services pales in comparison with the expenses incurred every time a bad apple is allowed to slip into your workforce.

Our staff provides you definitive information to be used to guide you toward the most effective hiring decisions for your needs. Call today to see how we can tailor a plan for you.