Biometric Screenings

Corporate wellness programs have proven to be a viable investment for companies across the country. Aside from a decrease in absences, they can also lower healthcare costs and keep morale high within your workforce.

A great place to start is to perform biometric screenings on your employees. Test Smartly Labs is able to provide you a great baseline to guide you in the development of an effective program.

Biometric Screenings Made Easy with On-Site Screening

It can be highly disruptive to send your employees to the lab for their biometric screening. We’re here to help keep your business running smoothly during the specimen retrieval process, and that’s why we offer on-site screening. It only takes a moment to take a quick blood sample, and your employees will be back to work in no time. If you’d prefer to send your employees to our labs, we’re always happy to perform testing there, too!

From discovering cases of diabetes to evaluating heart disease risks and more, Test Smartly Labs is ready to provide you a better landscape of the health of your workforce. Call or stop by today to learn more about how we can help improve your bottom line.